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At RGR Garages we have the latest tyre changing, wheel balancing and laser wheel alignment equipment to ensure that your tyres are correctly fitted.

You should inspect your tyres at least once a month and always before any long journey. At RGR we are happy to carry out a free check for you. Just drop in and speak to one of our friendly service team.

Our premises are located in Cranfield MK43 0DG, 10 Minutes from Bedford & Milton Keynes

Why you should check your tyres?

Tyre tread depths should be checked regularly to ensure that they meet the minimum legal requirements. The legal minimum tread depth for cars in the UK is 1.6 mm through a continuous band comprising of the central three-quarters of breadth on the tread and around the entire outer circumference.

In wet weather, the tyre tread grooves help to remove water from the contact patch between the tyres and the surface of the road which helps your car to brake, steer and accelerate properly. Without adequate tread depth, your tyres may not be able to perform properly in wet conditions which will reduce your safety on the road. Therefore, it is advisable to consider replacing your tyre before they reach the legal minimum. Furthermore, drivers whose tyres do not comply with the minimum tread depth risk receiving a fine of up to £2,500 and three penalty points for each tyre.

You should also carry out visual inspection of your tyres to make sure that they are free of any cuts, lumps or bulges. Any objects embedded in the tread should be removed to prevent damage.

It is important to check that your tyre pressure is in line with the vehicle manufacturers’ recommendations, especially if the vehicle is heavily loaded. Correct tyre pressure is vital to your safety on the road and under-inflated tyres can affect your vehicle handling and grip, potentially causing irregular and unpredictable vehicle behaviour. Under-inflated tyres are also much more likely to suffer from deflation which can be very dangerous, especially on high-speed motorway journeys.

By keeping your tyres at their optimum pressure your vehicle running costs are also reduced. This is because underinflated tyres require a larger force to make them turn therefore using more fuel. In addition, tyres that are not set at the correct pressure wear out more quickly.

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