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Van Plywood Lining: Options and Benefits of Ply Lining

Van Plywood interior

Protects the interior and your cargo

Van plywood protection

Gives a more professional appearance

Van plywood system

Improve the residual value of your vehicle

Van Ply Lining makes perfect sense. By fitting a ply lining kit you immediately add resale value to your vehicle. It will help to prevent accidental dents from inside outwards and stop the internal damage caused by shifting loads. At the resale time, you may wish to remove the kit and present the van bodywork in almost new condition. So the initial cost of ply lining is recovered as much as 10 times over.

We use quality plywood for the floors, wheel boxes, sides and door panels. All  Van Lining kits are cut by our skilled manufacturing team using high tech machinery at our workshop to ensure that the products are an exact fit for your vehicle.

All vans are silicone sealed and aluminium trim is fitted to all floors.

We always strive to provide an excellent ply lining service to new and existing customers with our ply-line knowledge. With our vast knowledge and experience, you know your vehicle will be in good hands.

Our Van Ply Racking - Lining premises are located in Cranfield MK43 0DG, just 10 minutes from Milton Keynes and Bedford.

Need something different?

Van carpeted  floor

Plywood Sides with Carpeted floor

Van Aluminium Floor

Ply & Aluminium floor

Full carpeted Van

Fully Carpeted


  • Carpeted or slip-resistant floors
  • White polypropylene side and door panels
  • Vehicle racking/shelving and internal storage
  • Livery
  • Onboard electrics
  • Roof racks
  • Steps
  • Deadlocks
  • Beacons

All prices quoted are or the latest model of van unless stated otherwise and include fitting and VAT.




Custom L1 no Floor £145.00
Custom L1 with Floor £190.00
Custom L2 no Floor £165.00
Custom L2 with Floor £205.00
Transit 260 SWB pre-2014 £150.00
Connect SWB 2014- £145.00
Connect LWB 2014- £180.00
All Other Models Please Call


Caddy L1 £130.00
Caddy L2 £142.00
Transporter L1 £150.00
Transporter L2 £175.00
Crafter L1 £188.00
Crafter L2 £220.00
Crafter L3 £250.00
All other models Please Call


Partner L1 £130.00
Partner L2 £145.00
Bipper £130.00
Expert L1 £160.00
Expert L2 £180.00
Boxer L1 £170.00
Boxer L2 £210.00
Boxer L3 £230.00
Boxer L4 £248.00
All other models Please Call


Nv200 £155.00


All other models Please Call


Daily SWB (L1) £215.00
Daily MWB (L2) £235.00
Daily LWB (L3) £260.00
All other models Please Call


Fiorino £122.00
Doblo L1 £135.00
Doblo L2 £155.00
Scudo L1 £155.00
Scudo L2 £185.00
Ducato L1 £165.00
Ducato L2 £180.00
Ducato L3 £210.00
Ducato L4 £240.00
All Other Models Please Call


Berlingo L1 inc. floor £130.00
Berlingo L2 inc. floor £140.00
Nemo £135.00
Dispatch L1H1 £165.00
Dispatch L2H1 £180.00
Relay L1 £165.00
Relay L2 £180.00
Relay L3 £210.00
Relay L4 £240.00
All Other Models Please Call


Kangoo pre-2009 £150.00
Traffic £200.00
Master L1 £210.00
Master L2 £250.00
Master L3 £270.00
All other models Please Call


Vito L1 (excluding floor) £130.00
Vito L2 (excluding floor) £150.00
Vito L3 (excluding floor) £170.00
Sprinter L1 £170.00
Sprinter L2 £190.00
Sprinter L3 £210.00
Sprinter L4 £230.00
All other models Please Call


Combo L1 £140.00
Combo L2 £160.00
Vivaro £165.00
Movano L1 £240.00
Movano L2 £250.00
Movano L3 £270.00
Movano L4 £300.00
All other models Please Call



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