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Ford Podium Rating
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Plywood Lining


Our standard plylining kits use 6mm plywood for all side and door panels and 12mm plywood (for extra strength and durability) for floors and wheel arch boxes. Additional false floors and aluminium edging strips are available at extra cost. All prices quoted are or the latest model of van unless stated otherwise and include fitting and VAT.



Custom L1 no Floor £145.00
Custom L1 with Floor £190.00
Custom L2 no Floor £165.00
Custom L2 with Floor £205.00
Transit 260 SWB pre 2014 £150.00
Connect SWB 2014- £145.00
Conect LWB 2014- £180.00
All other Models Please Call


Caddy L1 £130.00
Caddy L2 £142.00
Transporter L1 £150.00
Transporter L2 £175.00
Crafter L1 £188.00
Crafter L2 £220.00
Crafter L3 £250.00
All other models Please Call


Partner L1 £130.00
Partner L2 £145.00
Bipper £130.00
Expert L1 £160.00
Expert L2 £180.00
Boxer L1 £170.00
Boxer L2 £210.00
Boxer L3 £230.00
Boxer L4 £248.00
All other models  Please Call


Primastar L1 £155.00
Primastar L2 £175.00
All other models  Please Call


Daily SWB (L1) £215.00
Daily MWB (L2) £235.00
Daily LWB (L3) £260.00
All other models  Please Call


Fiorino £122.00
Doblo L1 £135.00
Doblo L2 £155.00
Scudo L1 £155.00
Scudo L2 £185.00
Ducato L1 £165.00
Ducato L2 £180.00
Ducato L3 £210.00
Ducato L4 £240.00
All Other Models  Please Call


Berlingo L1 inc. floor £130.00
Berlingo L2 inc. floor £140.00
Nemo £135.00
Dispatch L1H1 £165.00
Dispatch L2H1 £180.00
Relay L1 £165.00
Relay L2 £190.00
Relay L3 £210.00
Relay L4 £240.00
All Other Models  Please Call


Kangoo pre 2009 £150.00
Traffic £200.00
Master L1 £210.00
Master L2 £250.00
Master L3 £270.00
All other models  Please Call


Vito L1 (excluding floor) £130.00
Vito L2 (excluding floor) £150.00
Vito L3 (excluding floor) £170.00
Sprinter L1 £170.00
Sprinter L2 £190.00
Sprinter L3 £210.00
Sprinter L4 £230.00
All other models  Please Call


Combo L1 £140.00
Combo L2 £160.00
Vivaro £165.00
Movano L1 £240.00
Movano L2 £250.00
Movano L3 £270.00
Movano L4 £300.00
All other models Please Call

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