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R G R Garages
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R G R Garages CV Code
High Street, Cranfield, Bedford, Bedfordshire,
MK43 0DG
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Aftersales Services at RGR Garages


RGR Garages, your local Ford dealer, offers a range of vehicle workshop services at outstandingly competitive prices. From MOTs for £45 to maintenance and mechanical repairs, our team of highly-trained technicians use the most advanced diagnostic equipment and tools to get your car or van back on the road. As authorised Ford repairers - recognised for meeting the highest standards - you can be assured of the quality and reliability of our work. We can MOT your car while you wait, and if booked with a service the cost is only £30.00.

All MOT's and Services receive a complimentary wash and vac, depending on availability.

We also offer courtesy cars when your car is being repaired.  All Ford vehicles that are serviced at RGR receive FREE UK & European Roadside Assistance valid for 12 months – (worth over £150).

Why RGR?

  • Competitive Pricing
  • All Makes and Models Serviced
  • Loan cars available
  • Free Collection and Delivery
  • Free Wash and Vac
  • Free roadside assistance valid for 12 months (worth over £150) with all Ford Scheduled Services
  • Free service reminder texts/letters sent reminding you of your next service
  • Expert knowledge and advice from people that you can trust
  • Excellent customer service – we go that extra mile
  • A family run business that cares about customers

We offer service plans, get in touch for more information

It is very important that services are carried out throughout the life of the vehicle, at either the distance or monthly intervals (whichever is sooner) shown in your maintenance schedule in your manufacturers handbook.

The purpose of a car service is to check and replace the parts which wear down over time and use. Some parts, such as oil and brake pads need checking more regularly than others, such as the fuel filter and spark plugs.

As a broad rule an interim service would take place on most FORD car models after 1 year or 12,500 miles. This would be followed by a major service after 2 years or 25,000 miles. However, please check your model handbook.

If you are unsure when your car is due a service and what level please call our service department on 01234 750207 and we will be able to advise you.

Did you know you get a FORD eCHECK when you have a Ford Service? 

You know how important it is to look after your health. It’s no different for your vehicle. That’s why we offer a free 30 point FORD eCHECK. It’s a bumper to bumper assessment, designed to give you a comprehensive picture of your vehicle’s health. That way, you can enjoy the reassurance that your vehicle’s in tip-top condition – and that there are no surprises around the corner.

Free FORD eCHECK by trained technicians 

Our trained technicians will run an expert eye over your vehicle. They’ll check 30 different elements of your vehicle’s health and provide an electronic report with an explanation of any findings. You’ll receive a competitive estimate upfront for any work needed, but you’re under no obligation to have it done.

A simple traffic light system shows you exactly how safe and healthy each part of your vehicle is and any recommended upcoming replacement or repair items.

Red items 

This area needs urgent attention. It may be illegal or unsafe to drive your vehicle in this condition. Anything marked red needs repairing urgently.

Amber items

Amber marks out the symptoms that warn you there’s something wrong. It might not need urgent attention right now, but if you don’t watch it closely it may result in a more serious problem. Catch it before it gets worse and you could also save yourself a lot of time and money.

Green items

Good news – the all clear. You shouldn’t need to worry about any green items at least until your next service.

Our expert staff will explain the report fully to you, to help you decide what action to take, if any.

Please contact us at any time for your free 30 point health check.

Work Detail   Motorcraft Service
Initial inspection
1 Oil and filter change Y
2 Antifreeze check and top up Y
3 Brake fluid check and top up Y
4 Windscreen washer check and top up Y
5 Check and adjust tyre pressures Y
6 Battery check Y
7 Visual alignment check Y
8 Check and advise on transmission oil level Y
9 Brake check (wheels off) Y
10 Pollen or air filter change Y
11 Reset service light Y
12 Update DSR (Digital Service Record) Y
13 Wash and vac Y
14 12 months European Roadside Assistance Y

Example service pricing 'FROM'

MODEL Motorcraft Service
KA £149
Fiesta £149
Focus £149
B Max £149
C Max £149
S Max £149
Mondeo £149
Kuga £149
Galaxy £149
Ecosport £149
Ranger £149
Connect £149
Transit £149


MOT MOT if with Service
£45 £30

MOT - Whats included?

Listed below are the main elements of the MOT test. It's worthwhile checking items like lights and wiper blades before the test so that your vehicle has the best chance of passing first time!

Lamps, reflectors and electrical equipment


Front, rear, brake, fog, indicator and registration plate lights and rear reflectors must:

  • Be correctly positioned and secure
  • Not be obscured
  • Be in good condition, Indicators must show as a yellow light (faded to white light is not acceptable)
  • Show the correct colour (a bluish tinge to front headlights is acceptable as long as the predominant colour is white)
  • Not be adversely affected by the operation of any other light
  • Illuminate with a single operation of the switch

Pairs of lights must emit light of the same colour, size and shape.

Headlight aim (both dip beam and main beam) should be below the horizontal, so as not to dazzle other drivers.


The horn must emit a continuous uniform note and must be loud enough to be heard by another road user.


The battery must be secure and not show any signs of leaking electrolyte.

Electrical wiring

Wiring should be secure and must not be damaged to the point where it is likely to short circuit or become detached.

Vehicles with a towbar

Any electrical socket will be tested for its condition and that it correctly operates the trailer parking lights, brake lights, indicators and rear fog lights.

Steering and suspension


The tester will check the strength and condition of the steering wheel by pushing the steering in various directions and inspecting for wear or damage to the steering components.

If your steering has a locking device, it'll be tested to ensure it only locks when the engine is not running.

Vehicles with power steering must have at least the minimum level of power steering fluid in the reservoir.


Suspension components and shock absorbers will be checked for excessive corrosion, distortion and fractures.


The overall condition of the brakes, pedals and levers are inspected, as well as any relevant warning lights.

A brake performance test will be carried out to test brake efficiency.

Tyres and road wheels

Tread depth must not be below the legal limit of 1.6mm, and tyres will be examined for cuts in excess of 25mm, lumps, bulges, tears, exposure of the cord and tread separation.

For vehicles with run-flat tyres, the warning light must operate correctly.

Road wheels must be in good general condition.

Seat belts and restraint systems

Each seat belt (including the attachment and adjustment fittings) will be checked for its security and condition.

Body, structure and general items


A general inspection is made of the body, chassis, engine mountings, seats and doors. All components must be free from excessive corrosion and must not have any sharp edges that might cause injury.

Registration plates

A registration plate must be fitted at the front and rear. The plates must be secure and clearly legible to someone standing 20 metres away from the car.

The characters on the plate must be correctly formed and spaced and not likely to be misread.

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

Every vehicle must permanently display a legible VIN, either on a VIN plate secured to the vehicle, or stamped or etched on the body or chassis.


A speedometer must be fitted, and the tester will check that it can be illuminated. It does not matter if the dial glass is cracked as long as the speed can be read.

Exhaust, fuel and emissions

Exhaust system

The exhaust system will be inspected to ensure it is secure and doesn't leak. If your vehicle was originally fitted with a catalytic converter, it must still be present.

Fuel system

The fuel system will be checked for leaks and the tank cap must seal properly.


The tester will use a gas analyser probe while the engine is running to test the smoke emitted from the exhaust. Emissions of carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons must fall within the legal limit.

The tester will make a visual check for excessive dense blue or black smoke emitted from the exhaust, which is a cause for MOT failure.

Driver's view of the road

Mirrors and wipers

Rear view mirrors and wing mirrors must be secure and provide adequate views to the rear and side.

Wipers and washers must sweep a wide enough area to give the driver an adequate view of the road.


In the area of the windscreen directly in front of the driver, there must not be any damage or obstruction to the view larger than 10mm. Outside this area (but within the swept area), there must not be any damage or other obstruction larger than 40mm.

MOT - A useful 2 minute check before your MOT test

  • LIGHTS - check all lights and indicators are operating including brake lights
  • NUMBER PLATE - make sure Number Plate is clean and legible
  • WHEELS AND TYRES - make sure wheels and tyres are undamaged the minimum legal tyre tread depth is 1.6mm
  • SEATS AND SEATBELTS - the driver’s seat should adjust forwards and backwards and all seat belts should be in a good working order the seat belts should retract after being extended
  • WINDSCREEN - check for damage any damage greater than 40mm or 10mm in swept area of screen will result in a failure. The windscreen wipers must clean the screen clearly and the rubbers of the wipers must be in tact
  • SCREENWASH - top up washer bottle before taking to the Test Centre
  • HORN - make sure the Horn operates
  • FUEL - make sure the vehicle has enough fuel for the test to be carried out
  • ENGINE OIL - make sure the vehicles oil is at maximum level as the engine has to be run for the emissions test  


At RGR, our focus is providing exceptional customer service. To make your vehicle maintenance as hassle-free as possible, we offer a range of amenities such as collection, delivery and free courtesy cars (only fuel costs are charged). All serviced vehicles receive a complimentary wash and vacuum, as well as a 30 point visual health check. Tyres, parts and accessories are also available at RGR, as well as extended warranties and service reminders.

Our convenient and easy to use online booking system allows you to schedule work without having to call or visit the workshop. The process is so straightforward – simply choose a service and date, enter your vehicle and contact details, then arrive at your appointment. Or for more information, you can call 01234 750207.

We are authorised dealers for Mountune on Fiesta, Fiesta ST or Focus ST.

For any service enquiries please call us on
01234 750207
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