Fantastic Features

Packed with a range of advanced features,
the Ford Fiesta puts your comfort and enjoyment first.

Ford SYNC Technology

Equipped with progressive technologies, Fiesta’s Ford Sync system keeps you connected with your contacts and favourite tunes. Make or receive hands-free calls with voice commands, and even let Fiesta read out your texts. Sync can play your music through MP3, USB or streaming, and will alert the emergency services in case of an accident.

Integrated Sat Nav

Fitted with DAB audio and a 5-inch centre console screen, Fiesta keeps you on-track with integrated satellite navigation. Wherever you need to go, your vehicle will keep you updated with real-time traffic conditions and road speed information, helping you to plan hassle-free journeys.

Rear View Camera

Park and manoeuvre with confidence with a handy rear view camera and parking sensors. Designed to make reversing safer and easier, Ford Fiesta’s centre console screen displays the view behind your car, while virtual lines help you to park. If you get too close to an object, parking sensors will alert you with audible warnings.

Ford MyKey Technology

Ford Fiesta offers peace of mind with MyKey® technology. Perfect for car-sharing, this intelligent system is designed to make driving safer by allowing you to program individual settings for different users. Limit the audio system volume, fix a maximum speed limit, and place seatbelt reminders. You can even block explicit radio content and set earlier-than-standard low-fuel warnings.

Home Safe Headlights

Standard across the Ford Fiesta range, Home Safe Headlights are designed to get you home securely. At the push of a button your Fiesta will keep its headlights on for 30 seconds, lighting your way from the car to your door.

Ford Eco Mode System

Drive more economically with Fiesta’s Ford Eco Mode system, which keeps your fuel consumption to a minimum by constantly analysing your driving. Fiesta’s smart technology will give you advice on how to conserve fuel by monitoring and assessing you braking, speed, gear-changing and different journey lengths – helping you save money.

Keyless Entry and Start

Get on the road without even having to find your keys. Fiesta lets you unlock and start your car at the push of a button, thanks to keyless entry and Ford Power Starter Button. Fiesta recognises when its own unique key fob is near, and allows you to start the engine simply by pressing ‘Power’. What could be easier?

Cruise control

Take the effort out of long journeys with Ford Fiesta’s cruise control. Ideal for motorway driving, steering wheel-mounted controls allow you to set and adjust your speed, and even take your foot off the accelerator. Fiesta will maintain its speed, leaving you free to relax and enjoy the drive.

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